A Brief History of 164 Rumson Road

The existing structure was built and owned by W.R. Parker and Family. The original Parker Homestead that sits across Rumson Road was built in 1667 and was donated by the Parker Family to the town of Little Silver. It is thought that the Edie's structure was originally used as a tenant house for the Parker Farm. Little Silver was known as Parkerville at this time.

It is now known as the Howland & Murlatt General Store and Post Office. This building also housed the Little Silver Post Office until the new stand alone Post Office was built on Church Street in 1909. The 1909 Post Office was moved in 1973 next to the Library and is now the Little Silver Museum.

J. Royce Harding purchased the building from Mrs. G.H. Howland. Harding Road in Little Silver was named for J. Royce Harding. There is a memorial for J. Royce Harding at the northern end of Harding Road across from the Red Bank Regional High School. The building was rented in 1910 to the United American Mechanics, a Junior Order. The building became know as the Mechanics Hall. The Mechanics used the upstairs for an office and the downstairs for parties.

Walter C. Dennis rents the lower floor and opens his General Store selling groceries, sodas, sandwiches, candy, cigars, and Abbotts ice cream. Mr. Dennis is pictured above standing in front of his store in 1930 (note the old style gas pump out front). In 1938 the Mechanics buy the structure from the Harding Family. The Mechanics sell the structure to Walker and Walker Realty in 1967. The Dennis daughters, Mrs. Harold Tetley and Mrs. Frank Lovekin, continue to run the business after the death of W.C Dennis. They turn the business into Dennis's Luncheonette.

The Dennis daughters retire. The building is sold by Walker and Walker Realty to Mrs. Daniel Reiss of Rumson who operated the luncheonette for a brief period of time. She then rented it in 1972 to Jay Boden and Richard Doremus, both of Red Bank, who ran the business as the Sundown Sub and Coffee Shop.

Edith and John Bacigalupi buy the building and open Edie's Luncheonette. Edie runs the business and it is open for breakfast and lunch. Edie's signature fry is created and is known as Edie's Fries and Edie's Seasoned Fries. Edie dies a few years after the opening and her son, John Bacigalupi, continues on with the business. In 1990 Denise Vandervliet and two partners buy the building and continue to run the business as Edie's.

Parker's Creek Partnership buys the building and continues to run the business as Edie's. The two partners are Dave Dillon and Tim Judge both originally from Little Silver. The building is now 170 years old. Sandwiches, sodas, and ice cream have been selling for 90 years. The business has been known as Edie's for 45 years.

And the history and stories continue.